It Isn't That Hard! 

Seriously people, the government and private business spend tens of thousands of dollars to draw lines on the ground for safety, organization and effiecient use of space. They draw parking lot lines wide enough for a car to park and open its doors. 


My Kindergardener can color inside the lines, why cant you park between lines when you own a BMW? Everybody else can do it? Landrover people with daisies and peace signs, Jeeps and Toyotas dont have troubles. 


I understand, you as a self important duche dont want to have your doors banged by another car so you are taking up 2 spaces. Congrats, we notice you are a duche and sometimes park right up next to you anyhow just out of spite. 


Hopefully we never hit your car with our doors... I would hate to have black on my nice silver car.  



Quotes from Clinton Kelly's closing keynote presentation at ACRL 2011. 


"What you wear tells the world how you expect to be treated." I would say this is true of how you park also. 


"Not caring about your appearance is telling the rest of the world and yourself that you dont really matter" You drive a BMW, you have money, we get it. You cant park, we get that also. I wonder how you drive? 


"When you take control of your message and of how you want to be perceived by other people, it's empowering."